Tips for Practical Ergonomics in Your Workplace Infographic

Tips for Practical Ergonomics in Your Workplace Infographic

Most of us who work in offices (especially swanky ones) have probably heard of ‘ergonomics’. Most of us have no idea what it means unless we went to business school and took some kind of human resource management class that discussed the importance of providing employees with comfort in the workplace.

So what is ergonomics? Ergonomics is the study of work, work environment and work tools. The idea is basically to take an in-depth look at the actual work you have to do, the environment you do it in and the things you need in order to do it well; then set them up in such a way that your performance is enhanced.

Because a majority of the workday is spent working at some kind of computer for most employees, ergonomics can have an important impact on long term health. Most of the injuries that occur in the workplace are caused either by falls, repetitive movements or bad posture. Practicing good ergonomics can be a great preventative measure for avoiding issues like headaches, eyestrain, and neck and back pain.

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