Transform your retail learning strategy webinar: Q&A

As with all of gomo’s webinars, we dedicate some time at the end of the session for audience questions. Our latest webinar ‘Transform your learning strategy: retail’ prompted some interesting queries, which we’ve posted for you below.

Question 1: Multi-lingual content creation

Frank: Can you please elaborate on how the multi-language course works in the tool?
gomo MD, Mike Alcock: “Typically the workflow involves you building your course in your default chosen language – let’s say it’s English. So you’ll build the English language course but you may have also picked French and Mandarin. You’ll hit the export to XLIFF button that strips out all of the text from the course and it gets sent off to a translation agency. They will translate it and give you back your XLIFF files with the French and the Mandarin text in, then you import it back in and you’ve instantly got a course with three languages.

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