Transitioning from SCORM to xAPI

On October 5th, 2017, the Department of Defense announced that its eLearning curricula would adhere to xAPI standards rather than the more traditional SCORM standards of the eLearning industry. By “traditional”, I mean developed-in-the-year-2000-why-is-our-industry-still-using-17-year-old-technology traditional. Although I don’t expect instructional designers to leap from their desk chairs and start dancing in glee, the Department of Defense’s statement is an important symbol of change in the industry. If a large government body that used to require the use of SCORM standards in their eLearning is willing to take the plunge, the rest of us might take a moment to consider doing so ourselves.

I’m not going to delve deeply into the advantages and disadvantages of xAPI in this blog post. If you’re interested in reading that, you should check out the white paper I wrote on the subject here. If after reading that white paper you’ve become convinced that xAPI would be a good standard to switch to, the next question you’re probably going to ask yourself is: how do I transition from SCORM to xAPI?

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