Unleashing Superheroes Case Study: Richard Culpin

Creating a strong team culture full of engaged and productive employees is a priority for most business leaders today. However, we all know it takes a lot more than bean bags, snazzy coffee machines and Foosball tables to make people happy at work (although, a pool table is definitely top of our GEHQ Christmas list!).

The real key to creating strong team cultures in your workplace is listening! Listen to your team. Get to know who they are and what motivates them. After all, it’s the real people behind the super hero masks that drive business success!

With this in mind, I’m turning this space over to my own awesome team at Growth Engineering. Each week, join me to meet our homegrown superheroes and discover their origin stories!

Without further a do, meet our very own sales superhero Richard Culpin! He joined Growth Engineering in 2012 and made the leap from Customer Excellence to join the Commercial Team earlier this year.

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