Valentine’s Day: Rekindle the Love for Learning using E-learning

Children have a naturally inquisitive tendency to learn continuously. As they grow and get into jobs, various responsibilities take up their time and other factors come in the way of learning. Yet, some continue their learning along with other things, others turn weary and indifference sets in.

We all know learning never ends; it is an activity of a lifetime. In this context, how can you revive that quest for learning in adults, particularly employees, and channelize it to improve productivity? You can reawaken that love for learning this February 14. What else can you offer your employees this Valentine’s Day? Let’s see how this love can be rekindled using online learning.

Learning with a Purpose

Children may not fully understand how their education will help them in the future, still, they learn in school; adults however need ‘reasons’ to learn. The ‘what’s in it for me?’ pops up in their minds subconsciously, all the time.

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