Value from Using 3D Graphics in eLearning

3D graphics, simulations, and virtual reality are starting to cross the threshold into the eLearning industry. In this article, PulseLearning discusses how you can gain maximum value from using 3D graphics in eLearning.

3D Graphics In eLearning: Are They Really Worth Your Investment This Year?

The mid-2000s saw the mainstream boom of 3D software through multi-user environments such as Second Life, which brought the possibilities to the attention of Learning and Development professionals. Over the past decade, technology has significantly improved making 3D a more accessible medium. Although it offers huge educational potential, developing 3D learning is an investment and many can’t justify the return on expense. Here I discuss how you can gain maximum value from incorporating 3D graphics into your eLearning experiences. So, how to use 3D graphics in eLearning?

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