Working from home boosts performance by 13%

Despite numerous examples and studies highlighting how beneficial working from home is, it remains a difficult sell in many workplaces, with those working remotely tending to be deprived of pay rises and promotions.

The latest evidence in support of flexible working comes via Stanford Graduate Business School’s Nicholas Bloom. He recently tested the benefits of remote working via a Chinese travel company with some 20,000 employees.

The company wanted to test the benefits of remote working to see if they could reduce their property expenses, as real estate in Shanghai is incredibly expensive.  Could the company continue to thrive whilst keeping office costs under control by using remote working?

They first recruited a number of volunteers to work in a variety of ways.  Some would work largely from home, with one day per week in the office, whilst others would work purely in the office.  The volunteers were tracked for two years, with a significant boost in performance found among the group working from home.

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