Working with Zoom-n-Pan

In creating software simulations, video demonstrations or eLearning contents, there is a high chance that you will need to zoom in a particular part of the screen to show or explain some important information. There you can use the Zoom-n-Pan tool of ActivePresenter 7. You can also take advantage of the zoom effect when you want your audience to focus on a specific part instead of the whole screen.

In general, you have to insert a zoom-n-pan object to zoom in a particular part of the screen, then insert another one to zoom out.

Zoom In with Zoom-n-Pan

Step 1: Insert a zoom-n-pan object.

To insert a zoom-n-pan to zoom in a particular part of screen, open the Annotations tab and click Zoom-n-Pan.

Then, you will see the zoom-n-pan rectangle appear on the Canvas with four green handles.

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